The 5 Qualities Of A Phoenix Limo Service Chauffeur

24 September 2019

A luxurious vehicle is not all that matters to provide a great limousine service. In fact, the service given during the limousine ride is just as, if not more relevant than the limo itself. People are always on the lookout for quality customer service when investing in a limousine service. Because we strive to provide the highest-level of customer care, we always hire only the best chauffeurs in the industry.  Here are five qualities every great Phoenix Limo Service chauffeur should have and you will find within our Phoenix limo drivers: 

Proper License and Certification

The first thing any great Phoenix Limo Service chauffeur must have is the proper driver’s license and certification to drive a limousine. This is even more important than character traits because without these things, you are taking an irresponsibly big risk when allowing them to drive the limo.  You also want to make sure they have the proper insurance, just in case. 


More than often, people book limousines for special occasions and events. For this reason, it is of the highest relevance for a great Phoenix Limo Service chauffeur to be a professional in all aspects. A great chauffeur should address his customers in a professional manner as well as dress the part.  Formal attire should be worn by chauffeurs to help compliment the elegance of the limousine and the event taking place.


The importance of punctuality cannot be overstated. It can put a lot of stress on a bride or groom if the limousine service shows up late and has to take them to their own wedding. A great chauffeur should value time and always show up promptly so that there’s more than enough time to make it to the given destination. The local roads should be familiar to the Phoenix Limo Service chauffeur so that they can choose the fastest routes to get the guests to their destination on time.

Communication Skills

A great Phoenix Limo Service chauffeur should be able to communicate well with you and your guests so that everyone feels comfortable when you and your guests will be transported. 

It is also paramount that a great chauffeur knows when not to speak as well because they don’t want to overwhelm the guests by talking too much.

Communication is also important just in case of any unprecedented delays or change in traffic patterns that need to be discussed.

Strength and Consistency

Strength is important, but control is essential. The basic function Phoenix limousine service is to safely transport clients from point A to point B in a courteous but affirmative manner. A great chauffeur must have control of the limo to keep you relaxed throughout the transport. 

Clients regularly ask phoenix limo service chauffeurs to do unnecessary and illegal acts and it is important that the phoenix limo service chauffeur politely declines such offers like running red lights because the client is late. 

A great phoenix limo service chauffeur will also be consistent with his appearance, etiquette and overall appearance. No matter the circumstances, a great chauffeur always does great work.

Wrapping up

Consider booking our Phoenix limo service today and be guaranteed a luxurious, safe and comfortable experience. Whether you need transportation to or from the airport, corporate transportation, a wedding limo, a prom limo, or transportation for a special event, contact us today and let us be your trusted ground transportation partner. Here, at Phoenix Limo Service, we are driven by our desire to provide unparalleled service in the industry, and we strive to exceed our clients’ highest expectations. 


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